Wholesale Handbags

Many people are reluctant to pay over a hundred dollars for a handbag; many simply do not have the means. We offer a broad range of affordable and stylish fashion accessories which resellers can sell at retail outlets or via other means. We carry many popular designs, from bags which are printed with check patterns to colorful polka dot shoulder bags. Fun animal print bags and faux snakeskin bags are also popular items, and buyers can obtain all of the above at extremely affordable prices.

Fashionable Wholesale Clothing

In addition to our wide range of handbags and purses, we also provide fashionable wholesale clothing, including the Katydid range which has been showcased in many widely-read publications including Cosmopolitan magazine. A variety pack including a number of items in different colors and styles can provide you various options to sell to interested customers. Many people have been creative with finding ways to resell our clothing, some have found success via online markets such as eBay, while others have been able to take advantage of growing trends such as in-home sale parties – there are many ways to make extra money.

Viable Supplies for Even a Small Apparel Distributor

Even a small apparel distributor can take advantage of our great offers, as we offer a low minimum order value of a hundred dollars. In order to take advantage of our offers, you will need to create an account using your resell number. Businesses operating in the state of Texas are required to fax us their resell certificates; our contact information is available on our website. Whether you run a small home business or are a sizeable clothing distributor, you can boost your profits by obtaining desirable clothing at low prices.

Rhinestone Designer Women's Handbag Accessories

Fashion accessories which incorporate rhinestones into their designs are trendy and we supply a variety of designer women's handbag accessories which have rhinestone-studded buckles and elsewhere, adding that extra sparkle. In addition to handbags which incorporate rhinestones, we also offer various items of apparel which have rhinestone designs, including velour tracksuit top and bottom sets. Rhinestone caps can be paired with a handbag with rhinestone detail for a matching look, and if you plan to resell items retail, you can dress up mannequins with a rhinestone outfit combo which will look trendy and attract customers.

See our Specials on Wholesale Handbags

We offer a range of specials on wholesale handbags, which is regularly changes, so check back frequently so that you don't miss out on a great deal. You can obtain not only designer handbags on special but various items of apparel, including denim jackets which are especially affordable. We accept a variety of payments, including Visa and MasterCard. When choosing shipping options, you can select a two-day or overnight air delivery which will get your bags, items of apparel or accessory orders to you fast.