Iron-on Application Instructions


  1. Place shirt on a hard, flat surface (do not place on a padded ironing board).
  2. Remove white backing and check design to make sure that the rhinestones have not moved during shipment. Use tweezers to replace any that have moved out of place.
  3. Place the design down onto the fabric. If it is not in the desired position, lift and place again.
  4. Set the iron on the medium to high setting and DO NOT USE STEAM! You may adjust the temperature as needed. All irons are different. If your garment is thin, place a cloth or cardboard inside the garment.
  5. Iron directly on top of the transfer paper. Don't MOVE THE IRON! Just let it sit in place for 5-8 seconds per location and repeat until all areas of design have been covered several times. Press with the iron facing side to side then up and down to completely cover the surface. This will only take about 15 seconds. Before removing plastic transfer paper after heating, press design with a cloth to ensure additional sticking of the glue.
  6. Allow to cool and then slowly remove the transfer paper.
  7. PULL THE INSIDE OF THE SHIRT APART to prevent sticking while the design is still warm. The transfers are fully machine-washable and dryable. Turn garment inside out prior to washing.