Ultimate Hat & Cap Guide


The Fundamentals : TYPES OF HATS & CAPS

Fashion hats draw attention to your face and your outfit. It creates a lasting first impression. So it takes confidence to wear a hat well, along with making sure that you select the best hat type for your face shape and personal style.

Baseball Cap

Baseball CapFashion is fickle and headgear is no exception.

In fact, the only headgear that seems to always be in style is the baseball cap. This type of hat is both casual and practical. While baseball caps all have a similar design, there are many different things to consider when buying them.

There are many types of baseball caps, mainly defined by the way they are built. Some are fitted and others are adjustable. They come in long brim, short brim, rounded brim and flat brim. Caps also are made in pro style, low profile, constructed or unconstructed and be made from different materials that may make all the difference to a buyer.

Finding the right baseball cap is important for not only comfort, but for eye protection and style.



BeanieA beanie is a style of winter cap. While it was originally made from knitted wool, its popularity has caused manufacturers to mass-produce them in other fibers, such as cotton, rayon, and even cashmere.

These beanie caps provide warmth to the head in the winter. The beanie cap is tapered to be smaller on the top, so that it can fit snuggly to the head, commonly known as a skullcap. They come in several different styles, such as brimless, folded brim, brimmed, ear flaps, and pom-pom topped. For the sports enthusiast, the beanie is also available with sports team logos on the folded brim.


Bucket Hat

Bucket HatHey, so, have you heard of these things called bucket hats? They’re also known as fisherman hats because that’s basically who started off wearing them. 

A bucket hat is an unstructured hat made of soft fabric, usually cotton or a cotton blend that is sometimes coated for water resistance. The classic bucket hat features a flexible brim all the way around the head and ventilation eyelets at the sides of the head. The bucket style is a soft, comfortable, convenient hat that goes anywhere and is ready at a moment’s notice. 


Cadet Cap

CadetThis versatile military-inspired cap comes as a perfect update to the baseball cap for everyday wear. Also known patrol cap or field cap, the cadet cap has a soft structure with a stiff, rounded visor, and flat top. It can be worn with both casual tees and jeans or a dressier version.


Cowgirl Hat

Cowgirl HatCowgirl hats are a mark of western style and flair. Favored by rodeo riders, ranchers, country music stars, celebrities, and even featured in TV shows, they immediately convey a certain attitude and confidence. This has become a fashion staple that no woman should be without.



Trucker Hat

Trucker HatTrucker hats are not just for long distance drivers. These mesh-backed baseball-style caps are a great choice for anyone who wants a billed cap that can keep the sun out of their eyes without their head overheating. They are inexpensive, lightweight, and comfortable on almost any size head. Some wear a trucker hat for the fit or comfort, while others wear them to emulate celebrities who have taken up the style. The beauty of these hats is their universality, which has quickly translated to ubiquity.




VisorVisors are crownless head coverings with a bill to protect the wearer’s eyes from the sun that are secured by a band of material around the head. Visors differ from ball caps in that they allow body heat to escape from the head without compromising the benefits of having protection from the sun with the bill. There are visors for sportswear and fashion wear. They are also available in shorter brim styles and longer brim styles, and a variety of heights and thicknesses of the crown.