Ultimate Handbag Guide


The Fundamentals : TYPES OF HANDBAGS

So many handbag styles to choose from but only a few endure the test of fashion’s fickle sense of time. Whether an evening bag, a shop-friendly tote, a stylish shoulder piece, or a functional crossbody, the following purses are the superstars of the handbag world.

Bucket Bag

Bucket BagA bucket bag has a round or oval bottom and a drawstring closure, resulting in a shape similar to a bucket. They usually have an open top, but may have a magnetic closure for added security. Bucket bags are most popular in crossbody form, but can also be found as shoulder purses and backpacks. However, most bucket bags are commonly associated with a long crossbody strap for a casual, hands free look.



ClutchWhen it comes to evening bags, clutches are the life of the party. Chic and usually strapless, the clutch is a cocktail dress’s best friend. Hoarders and heavy packers, be warned: These handbags will force you to stick to the essentials, like cash, ID, lipstick, and keys. From the geometric box clutch to the minimalist envelope, there’s a coveted clutch that just about anyone can get a grip on.



CrossbodyA popular accessory at summer music festivals, crossbody bags feature a strap long enough to hang on your shoulder and across your body, allowing you to be completely hands free. Crossbody bags also offer maximum security compared to most purses, as it can be difficult to swipe when the strap is across your entire body. The hands free style of this type of purse makes it a great "grab and go" accessory.


Doctor Handbag

Doctor HandbagAlthough your doctor probably won’t be toting these around any longer, that doesn’t mean you need a PhD to sport the season’s most charming doctor’s bags. Structured design and clean lines are the defining elements of a doctor’s bag with added character and visual interest. This bag has a vintage quality about it. Defined by its distinctive teardrop body and loop-through front flap this iconic piece is a clever hybrid of satchel and doctor's bag and offers ample space for your neccessities.


Hobo Bag

Hobo BagQueen of the shoulder bags, this slouchy handbag is one of the most popular shapes. Known for their aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-tow crescent shape, hobo handbags are perfect for a stroll at the morning farmers’ market or a hot dinner date. Normally oversized, this best-selling purse can be used for as many occasions as there are style choices. 



Messenger Bag

Messenger BagAlso called a courier bag, is a type of sack, usually made out of some kind of cloth (natural or synthetic), that is worn over one shoulder with a strap that goes across the chest resting the bag on the lower back.



Satchel Handbag

Satchel HandbagTop honors of the crossbody class, the satchel is defined by its structured shape, has a rigid feel structure and often can stand up on their own. They may or may not have a flap, and they most times have a short handle and an additional long strap that goes across the chest. They can be worn over the shoulder or with the short handle.



Shoulder Bag

Shoulder BagA handbag or purse with at least one strap attached to it that is long enough to fit over the shoulder. The straps generally are securely reinforced on the bag. The strap is intended to be looped over the shoulder so that the shoulder sustains the bag and the user can carry it hands-free. Generally, if a shopper is looking for a flattering bag, she should choose a shoulder bag that closely mirrors her body type. Petite women would do well to choose small bags, and larger women might consider bigger bags.


Tote Handbag

Tote HandbagTotes are easily the most versatile and popular of all handbags. With the term derived from the word meaning “to carry,” a tote is designed with both structure and space in mind. Ideal for anything from a shopping trip to a day at the beach or a weekend getaway, totes are essential.




Wristlet Handbag

Wristlet HandbagA clutch or wallet that is small enough to hold in one hand, a wristlet has a small carrying strap that is meant to hang or wrap around your wrist. It is the perfect size for your most basic, essential items. They can comfortably accommodate your cell phone, some cash, a few credit cards, your keys and lip gloss - all in one convenient location.